Daniel 3:17-18, is my goal…

This year I will turn fifty years old, I am a mother of two, grandmother of three who recently went through divorce. I grew up being taught that divorce was not an option. It was not an easy decision and it came with many years of struggles within myself and much pain to my family. I’m still friends with the father of my children and will continue to be so. This is my healing journey and reflections of what of God’s love and grace  mean to me regardless of my circumstances. God is my all and I will endeavour to seek Him at all times.

As I read through God’s word, I will try to post at least once a week my insights and how they are relevant to my journey. I’m already doing this on a daily basis in a private journal and will compile that into this forum.

Daniel 3:17-18 is the goal for my life. I pray that God will come through in different circumstances but if even he doesn’t I will still trust in Him. This my goal, I’m not fully there yet.

I thank God for his everlasting love and grace.




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